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Since you are on this page, you probably know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website, web page, facebook page, etc. in search engines via organic (not paid) search results. Search engines, like Google have their “bots” constantly crawling the internet looking for the most relevant content for every search result. The term video Search Engine Optimization or vSEO (also called video seo and video optimization) refers to the optimizing of video content for search engine traffic.

The goal when working with video SEO is to have your video content appear in Video Search Engines as well as in organic search results for the major search engines. Hosting videos on your website or facebook page (rather than on your video hosting site) is a great way to drive traffic to your site, generate leads and build your link popularity. Adding video to your website entices more searchers to visit your site. Over 60% of the internet is watching videos. Google and the other major search engines are aware of this and are searching for relevant video content to move to the top of their search results. By using your most competitive keywords in the content, title, description and keyword tags of your video, you can provide Google and searchers with exactly what they want…the most relevant results. Video content on your site helps to explain your products and services better and encourages people to link to your site. All of this leads to increased online sales and better search engine placement. At MarketSnag, we have the expertise to optimize your entire website and create relevant, keyword rich, impactful video content to embed in your site, driving more traffic to your site, increasing the amount of time visitors spend on your site and decreasing your bounce rate.

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