Our Mission Statement
At MarketSnag, we are committed to helping companies attract new business, convert interest into action and turn prospects into customers. By resourcefully using traditional and web 3.0 technologies, we help our clients increase profits and enhance their brand efficiently and cost-effectively.

What is search engine optimization? Should you optimize your website? Is SEO worth the investment? How do you know you are getting the most out of your SEO? These are questions you ask when you are thinking about optimizing your website. Many do not realize the importance of your website’s metadata, target keywords, or website positioning. To understand SEO, you have to understand the value. Identifying who your target market is on the internet and how to put yourself in front of them is the foundation of effection SEO. A beautiful and dynamic website that isn’t optimized is like paying for a great billboard and then locating it in the middle of the desert, where no one will see it. At MarketSnag, we specialize in putting your website in front of people at the precise moment that they are looking for your products or services. Through extensive research and analysis, MarketSnag works with your business to improve the organic search results of your website. Our search engine optimization specialists examine what your target market is searching for on the Internet and provides recommendations that will help to improve your ranking and positioning on search engines. This places your website in front of your target market, at the top of the search engine results, increasing the visibility of your business. Let MarketSnag help you to increase traffic on your website and improve your bottom line.
Your In-House Marketing Department
Marketing has changed in the last few decades. Companies used to focus a large portion of their marketing budget on print ad campaigns and hope that their target audience would see it and respond by making a purchase. With the Internet, you can now put your brand in front of your target audience the moment they are looking for your products or services and make a sale instantly. By focusing on a multi-channel marketing plan, including email, blogging, social media and press releases, you can drive your target audience to your site as well. Did you know what you have 3 seconds to grab someone’s attention? One – Two – Three. Then it is off to the next click. A first impression has never been so important. Positioning your business to appear in front of your audience and keeping each person interested is a difficult task. In today’s world of Google and Bing, you have access to a greater audience than ever before. Now is it time to speak to them. MarketSnag offers monthly marketing packages that are tailored to meet your business’s needs. We begin by reaching out to your current client base through various methods. Connecting you to clients through custom emailed newsletters, relevant blogging, promotions and offers. We work to not only retain your current clientele, but to continue to build your audience and client base. Contact us to see how MarketSnag can become your in-house marketing department.

The MarketSnag team includes industry veterans with over 50 years of collective experience in traditional and online business and marketing.  They have been honing their SEO experience and providing excellent service in this area since 1992.  MarketSnag provides a wide variety of internet marketing services includingwebsite design and development, company and product branding, integrated marketing, pay per click advertising, email campaigns and search engine optimization. Headquartered in Orange County, California, MarketSnag is a privately held company.  For more information contact us HERE or call (949)463-5916

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